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We are all about Italy and Georgia

At the end of the Silk Road lay the luscious countries of Georgia and Italy; as natural gateways between Europe and Asia, ancient nomadic civilisations developed settlements and formed two hugely important historical melting pots of culture, knowledge, industry and trade. 


Wine, unsurprisingly, was cultivated amongst these fertile lands punctuating every essence of life from fuelling stories of adventure across exotic lands to celebrating trade deals and nourishing friendships over suppers.


Whilst Georgia is known as the ‘cradle of wine’, Italy’s vinous roots can be be traced back to the same ancient people, who it is thought brought their viticulture expertise to Sicily and Sardinia, way before the Phoenicians.


Fast-forward to today, and a new silk road is emerging, once again with Georgia and Italy at its heart; with wine playing a central role, continuing to nurture business, culture and friendships.


With extensive knowledge and an eagerness to trade on the incredibly strong wine traditions and legacies of both their respective countries, good friends Natik and Giovanni set about to establish Gardabani Wines… bringing endless enthusiasm as they navigate you to sip your way through their carefully curated taste tour of Georgia and Italy.


Just as caravans would pass through distant landscapes bringing with them stories of adventure and wonders from the ancient world to western Mediterranean civilisations; today Gardabani Wines are bringing you equally epic products and carefully selected wines from a path less-often travelled. With an engaging narrative that explains these truly unique and expertly sourced exotic wares, Gardabani Wines are taking exceptional pride in showcasing wines and spirits made with real authenticity and passion. 


“Like the original Silk Road traders, we value quality, storytelling and friendship at our core”, say Natik and Giovanni; as they deliver truly memorable experiences by giving a time-honoured personal service for all their Gardabani Wines customers. 


By sourcing, curating and delivering wines and spirits with an impressive level of craftsmanship and quality, Gardabani Wines are truly the purveyors of wonder, bringing both traditionality and modernity in a bottle direct to your door.


Your Georgian and Italian friends… 

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