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Marchese Luca Spinola

In a stunning area in northern Italy, situated between the Mediterranean, the plains and the mountains, for centuries the marquises of Spinola have been growing vines in a location with a special microclimate: they produce Gavi, an outstanding DOCG white wine enjoyed all over the world today, from a native grape dating back to 1630.

Andrea Spinola, the heir to the vineyards owned by the family in the area for centuries, decided to leave a corporate career with a multi-national company in Milan and go back to his roots, to the region where he get up and which he has always loved. 

Step by step, one investment at a time, he developed a company that produces Cortese di Gavi appreciated all over the world today, from the USA to Japan, offering a wine whose versatile taste means it is suited to both Western and oriental cuisines. 

In 2015, the younger generations of the Spinola family all moved to Rovereto di Gavi, to "breathe the fragrance of this land, to grow up with its flavours and to experience in full the depth of our family's roots in Gavi. 

The Cortese di Gavi grape is a native variety from 1630, which grows only in this area. In 1998, it won one of the most sought-after international acknowledgements when it was awarded DOCG and guaranteed designation of origin certification.

Situated in Piedmont, the Italian region that produces the best wines in the world, the area enjoys  a special micro-climate.

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