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Chateau Svanidze

The award-winning Georgian wine is produced in limited quantities, with a commitment to quality and detail in harmonic grape picking and processing routines.



Château Svanidze is a winemaking estate owned by the Svanidze family. It has a magnificent location at the heart of Kakheti region, near Signagi overlooking the great Caucasus Mountain range. The design of the estate combines the delights of traditional Georgian architecture and idyllic landscape with modern dynamic treatment of space and form. 


With 100 hectares of vineyard, the estate has been producing high-quality Svanidze wines for over 150 years. 


Vines are cultivated while paying constant attention to preserving the estate’s natural biodiversity. Kakheti is a perfect region for wine tourism: road has various stages taking in vineyards, nature, gastronomy, heritage, culture.

Svanidze Family is the descendant of the King Erekle II. 


For two generations, the Svanidze family has been helping to revive this exceptional heritage and cultivate the Svanidze wine spirit, blending a timeless way of life with authenticity.

Today the presidents, prime ministers, all the deputies visiting Georgia stay in this historical chateau that is located in the heart of Kakheti.



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